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Octavio Lima

Are you a proud new owner of a piece of South Florida Real Estate? Perhaps it is a townhouse in Boca Raton? Maybe a beach home in Delray Beach? We always say that there is a difference between your ideal home, and your dream home. To turn your property from ideal to dream, maybe you desire an addition to the home? Maybe you are thinking about a complete kitchen or bathroom remodeling with wall rearrangement and fixture replacement? Maybe you would like to build a guest house? To make sure this work is done safely and up to Broward County or Palm Beach County building codes, you need an experienced, knowledgeable architect. Silverlining Realty Group has on-site architects to help you tackle a remodeling or architectural project of any size or complexity.

Octavio Lima is the Lead Architect at Silverlining Realty Group. Octavio has extensive experience in nearly all aspects of the architectural practice through the years of having worked on numerous residential, public and commercial projects of various sizes and scope.

Octavio is an expert in design and cost control for small, medium and large architectural projects. His experience with rendering full spec, 3D architectural plans via CAD and AutoCAD dates back to the early 1980’s.

Contact Silverlining Realty Group for unparalleled, concierge Real Estate, design and architectural services! Octavio Lima is at your disposal to turn your ideal property into your dream property through top-notch architectural services.

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