Steven F. Cohen

Steven F. Cohen

STEVEN COHEN: Mr. Cohen has been involved in all aspects of real estate and property management in one form or another for his entire working life, spanning more than 45 years. Having spent the better part of 5 decades in Maryland, Steve graduated from the University of Maryland with a BA degree in social psychology. After a stint in the military, he obtained an MA in organization development from George Washington University, followed by undertaking a post-graduate program at Johns Hopkins University culminating in Certificates of Advanced Study (CAS) in community and organizational processes. Concurrently while undertaking his studies and attending law school, he became licensed as a real estate broker. Steve also established Community Concepts, Inc., a 501 (c)3 non-profit consulting firm that specialized in advising government agencies (municipal, state and federal) with respect to community planning, multi-generational housing development and housing for individuals with special needs (visual and hearing impaired, cognitive limitations).

Subsequently, Mr. Cohen undertook further studies in Belgium and Germany and was directly involved in the creation of one of the first supported living facilities in the United States specifically designed for individuals diagnosed with dementia and Alzheimers disease. This unique habitat incorporated visual and tactile stimulation accompanied by the use of specific “cue” protocols that allowed individuals the ability to remain ambulatory without one-on-one attendant care—leading to a significant amount of freedom of movement and self managed mobility, thereby enhancing a sense of independence and self-control. Today, these same techniques, pioneered by Mr. Cohen among others over twenty-five years ago, are a standard operating procedure in most purpose built facilities. An outgrowth of this experience resulted in Steve having had multiple facilities in several states that remain in service today.

Upon an initial attempt at semi-retirement, Mr. Cohen relocated both he and his wife of over 50 years, to south Florida. It became obvious that semi-retirement was not to his liking, and 18 years ago he attained his Florida real estate broker license and community association management license. Thereafter, Steve also obtained a certification as a commercial property management expert (CPME) and became certified at both the district and circuit court levels as a mediator and appointed receiver. Mr. Cohen has since joined the firm of Silver Lining Realty Group, LLC. As partner and the entity’s broker of record. Steve retains all of his licenses and certifications, making Silver Lining one of the few organizations in south Florida that offers the broadest range of services to commercial, residential and investor based organizations—be they condominiums, homeowner groups, rental communities, resort and hotel operations and individual properties.

As a partner and the Broker in Silver Lining Realty, along with the multi-talented associates, management and staff, Steve’s diverse experience, educational background and exposure to many social and governmental elements provides clients of Silver Lining with a broad range of resources and the ability to consider the global implications of matters clients and agents find they need to address. He is available to examine zoning and code related issues, regulatory implications and community relations and liaison that customarily fall outside of the legal arena; as well as mediation and court ordered receivership. In addition to consulting, Mr. Cohen also provides clientele with commercial, residential and institutional real estate advisory services.


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